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Leirol Capital - Empowering Traders

Join us, and receive commissions of around 21-30%*!

Why Join us? We support you with every resource and benefits we can possibly offer.


We have good course and experience.

We develop all of our material in house and we have over 200 students.


High commission and incentives

From 21-30% of sales, depending on how much you refer. Don't say we are not generous!


You don't have to sell

Just refer them to us, and we will do the talking. We will provide free material for them.

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Free courses for potential clients

We believe that seeing is believing. Thats why we give out free courses to perspective clients


Referral tracking onsite, get your own portal

Referral information will be stored up to 6 months. Long enough for them to buy :)


Live support if you need help

Contact us via LIVE chat on facebook or on email. We will be there.

Sign up and explore our sales platformAdvanced sales platform to track your visitors

Check your sales, get your referral link through our platform. Here is the link.

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Signing up is easy.Fill out the form, let us approve and you are set!

Approval can be done on registration. If you cant wait you can always talk to our live chat!

Free stuff!Each student / referral is given a free course and a free live lesson!

Check your sales, get your referral link through our platform. Here is the link. We will give you a schedule of when is a free coure seminar coming and you can refer and let potential students in too!

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Will students enjoy and benefit from our classes?

An important question that many affliates ask is that; Is the course useful and value for money? Can I recommend this course to my own friends and even family?

  • Structured Curriculum

    Tested over the years, hand crafted in house to perfection. We have versions and versions of our curriculum. This means students are able to learn from us without much confusion. Hey, we are not amateurs.

  • Constant updates, active timetable for existing students

    We don't stop at our current version. We are already working on the next one. Members are able to get updates for free SO LONG they are still enrolled in our class. Many of our aluminis are still getting updates to our courses and they are loving it! Notable updates includes more videos, more case studies, more new material to work on.

  • Live mentoring and classroom for everyone

    Everything is online which makes it much easier for students to connect with us. Flexible schedules ensure that even the busiest of people are able to attend our lessons. We insist on mentorship as the most important emphasis of the lessons because there is where students are able to understand concepts better and quickly. In fact, that is what most good schools do. They don't just throw you a video library and expect you to learn from that. You can do that in the library!

  • Hundreds of successful active and former students

    We have good rapport with our students and they vouch for us! Many of them are now actively trading forex / stocks with confidence!

  • Lessons facilitated and developed in Singapore and the United States.

    Putting American and Singaporean expertise, we pooled the best resources to create the best curriculum we can ever have. Having one perspective is never enough. It is more improtant to have a global perspective and explore other ways.

  • Value for money

    Few schools provide as much material and support as us. You can be sure that your friends/referrals will be happy with our classes without a doubt. Also, is important to note that is just not about the money, is about whether we can support you through!

  • Live chat, live noticeboard.

    Should you have any technical problems or questions you can always reach our mentors and trainers via facebook, skype email or any other means possible. We are not robots. We are humans.

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Frequently asked questions from our affliates

Common questions and answers. If you want to ask any questions please feel free to talk to us via live chat

  • How will I know if my referral is successful? How do I track them? How can I learn more?

    We have an automated system to track that. Explore our system and get banners and brocheres, visit counts and referral statistics.
    Here is the link to the affliate area.

  • What happens in an event where my referral is not credited to me? Help?

    Obviously things like these will be inevitable. But fret not, if your referral is genuine, we will work with the customer to prove that you are the referrer. Everything has to be resolved in not more than 7 days of the clients purchase

  • How do I communicate with you in case I have any issues or questions?

    We take pride in helping our affliates. Go to our live chat system on facebook or email us. Once you are registered we will even give you our skype ID to faciliate better suppport.

  • How long is the payout?

    For security and fraud reasons, depending on the mode of transfer it will take around 10-30 days.


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If you have any questions, don't hesistate to contact us via email at OR our live chat on This live chat on facebook

These are the plans for your reference

Expert: FULL

Buy now, upgrade? LOL See lessons
  • COMPLETE Video Library
  • Tailored Case Studies
  • 3 X 4 hour full sessions
  • 2 One on One consultations
  • Free updates while subscription valid
  • 3 year access to full support
  • Personal coaching available


Buy now, upgrade later See lessons
  • Advanced Video Library
  • 4 months access to biweekly trading webinar
  • 3Beginner Group Classes
  • 3 Intermediate Group Classes
  • 3 Master Classes
  • Free updates while subscription valid
  • 1.5 year access to full support


Buy now, upgrade later See lessons
  • Intermediate Video Library
  • 4 months access to biweekly trading webinar
  • 3 Beginner Group Classes
  • 3 Intermediate Group Classes
  • Free updates while subscription valid
  • 1 year access to full support


Buy now, upgrade later See lessons
  • Beginner Video Library
  • 3 trial access to biweekly trading webinar
  • 3 Beginner Group Classes
  • Free updates while subscription valid
  • 1 year access to basic support