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Leirol Capital - Empowering Traders

Course Curriculum

Section 1-1: Introduction to Forex and how to trade
A very detailed walkthrough on MT4 (Trading software) and how to use TradingView 00:00:35
How to use MT4 for Macbook and other Apple Computers. 00:00:00
How to set stop losses and take profits 00:00:00
How to use fast one click trading for setting profit and loss target 00:00:00
First candlestick pattern! And a first taste on technical analysis! 00:00:00
Taking the Quiz (Building the feature now) 00:04:00
Section 1-2 : Technical Analysis Strategies and Price Action
Harami pattern (Pregnant candlesticks) 00:00:25
Leverage & Lot Sizes 00:00:45
Risk Management 00:00:40
Controlling Your Psychology 00:00:20
Quarters Theory (The True Key Levels) 00:00:00
How to Draw Trendlines 00:00:00
Drawing Channels 00:00:00
Pennants & Flags 00:00:00
Set Trading View Notifications For Your Trades! 00:00:00
Live Beginner Group Class 1 (TA Basics) 00:00:00
Ranges & Consolidation 00:00:00
Live Beginner Group Class 2 (Fibonacci Practice & Questions) 00:00:00
Fibonacci Retracement 00:00:00
Moving Averages & The Crossover Technique 00:00:00
Fibonacci Expansions – AB=CD Patterns (Introduction into Harmonics) 00:00:00
Section 2-0: Intermediate Patterns Analysis (Preview of Intermediate)
Live Beginner Group Class 3 (AB=CD Practice, Questions) 00:00:00
What are Harmonics & How Do They Work (Preview of Trading Harmonics) 00:00:00