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Leirol Capital - Empowering Traders

Don't learn trading alone. A mentor is here for you.

We don't just offer you one trading technique. We offer a WHOLE range of trading techniques that you can be a master Learn more, practice more, win more.

  • Live mentorship webinars, LIVE group classes
  • Live facebook/forum groups to post your charts
  • Starting from $300-$3500 See price plans and details

Be a master of stock charts: The Leirol Way

We structure it to make it easy to learn, yet fast to pick up.


Join our LIVE group classes, learn how to chart the right way!

Join our group class and UNDERSTAND how to trade effectively and properly. We have One on ones, group classes and focus classes.
Check out our different packages and see which suits you.


Able to reinforce core concepts
Understand common mistakes
Immediate feedback on mistakes you made
Ability to chart better through examples


Video Library
Watch again and again till you can

Watch the videos and see how to place trades and do technical analysis.


Organized way of learning, step by step
Flexbility of learning
Tailored video to suit the entire course
Most videos of traded LIVE during recording.


Join our bi-weekly webinar and get more tips and tricks, ask some questions!

We will go through some common mistakes and chart and see whether everything is good. You can even trade with us!


Get fresh perspective of the market
Post a chart and see where you went wrong
Constructive feedback + Peer to peer review
Awesome community


SUBMIT your homework and charts, lets us check and improve!

Join our group class and UNDERSTAND how to trade effectively and properly. Hop on to our group and post or read some stuff! Take it as a cafe/library put together!


Our best feature. Feedback
Post a chart and see where you went wrong
Constructive feedback + Peer to peer review
Awesome community

Sign up for a free lesson now. On us.

We believe seeing is believing. Thats why we decided to offer a free lesson to everyone who visits.

This lesson will include basic charting techniques and understanding trading software. No obligations to purchase course. We promise.

Sign up now and get the dates and the links to attend the webinar.
We will see you on the other side!


Will students enjoy and benefit from our classes?

An important question that many affliates ask is that; Is the course useful and value for money? Can I recommend this course to my own friends and even family?

  • Structured Curriculum

    Tested over the years, hand crafted in house to perfection. We have versions and versions of our curriculum. This means students are able to learn from us without much confusion. Hey, we are not amateurs.

  • Constant updates, active timetable for existing students

    We don't stop at our current version. We are already working on the next one. Members are able to get updates for free SO LONG they are still enrolled in our class. Many of our aluminis are still getting updates to our courses and they are loving it! Notable updates includes more videos, more case studies, more new material to work on.

  • Live mentoring and classroom for everyone

    Everything is online which makes it much easier for students to connect with us. Flexible schedules ensure that even the busiest of people are able to attend our lessons. We insist on mentorship as the most important emphasis of the lessons because there is where students are able to understand concepts better and quickly. In fact, that is what most good schools do. They don't just throw you a video library and expect you to learn from that. You can do that in the library!

  • Hundreds of successful active and former students

    We have good rapport with our students and they vouch for us! Many of them are now actively trading forex / stocks with confidence!

  • Lessons facilitated and developed in Singapore and the United States.

    Putting American and Singaporean expertise, we pooled the best resources to create the best curriculum we can ever have. Having one perspective is never enough. It is more improtant to have a global perspective and explore other ways.

  • Value for money

    Few schools provide as much material and support as us. You can be sure that your friends/referrals will be happy with our classes without a doubt. Also, is important to note that is just not about the money, is about whether we can support you through!

  • Live chat, live noticeboard.

    Should you have any technical problems or questions you can always reach our mentors and trainers via facebook, skype email or any other means possible. We are not robots. We are humans.

Check out main site out for more information!

What will you become after our training?


Be able to trade with confidence

We urge you to take your time and let us help you out. Don't rush and advocate practice


Able to use different techniques for different situations

We let you take your own time and let your schedule your own gruop and one on one classes.


Make no more mistakes (at least common ones)

We conducted corporate seminars, webinars, helped many students to be full time traders. Our testimonials are indeed undisputed.


Be more 'expert'

Mentors teaching you one on one is another thing. We encourage a conductive environment where students help each other out. More eyes. More effective.

Plans & Pricing

Expert: FULL

Buy now, upgrade? LOL See lessons
  • COMPLETE Video Library
  • Tailored Case Studies
  • 3 X 4 hour full sessions
  • 2 One on One consultations
  • Free updates while subscription valid
  • 3 year access to full support
  • Personal coaching available


Buy now, upgrade later See lessons
  • COMPLETE Video Library
  • 3 sessions One on Ones
  • 4 months access to biweekly trading webinar
  • 3Beginner Group Classes
  • 3 Intermediate Group Classes
  • 3 Master Classes
  • Free updates while subscription valid
  • 1.5 year access to full support


Buy now, upgrade later See lessons
  • Intermediate Video Library
  • 4 months access to biweekly trading webinar
  • 3 Beginner Group Classes
  • 3 Intermediate Group Classes
  • Free updates while subscription valid
  • 1 year access to full support


Buy now, upgrade later See lessons
  • Beginner Video Library
  • 3 trial access to biweekly trading webinar
  • 3 Beginner Group Classes
  • Free updates while subscription valid
  • 1 year access to basic support


Common questions and answers

  • How long can I take to learn basics and trade on a real account?

    From our experience it takes at least 3 weeks to grasp the basics, and a few months to practice on a demo account. Most trainers encourage you to trade live within a month but I wouldn't recommend it.

  • What if I need extra mentoring? Will you check my work?

    We encourage people to post and give us their charts to critic.

  • What if I want to upgrade the course?

    No worries. Email us and we will get you hooked. There is a discount if you would like to purchase more.

  • I feel shy to post my beginner charts on the forum.

    No problem! Everyone is a beginner which is exactly why is good to help each other out.

Want to ask your own questions?

Don't hesistate to ask!


About us

Why us

about us about us
about us
about us
about us
about us
about us

Leirol Capital

Founded and headquartered in Singapore by a group of traders. The Leirol story begun initially as a traders club with an intention to trade together. We eventually collected and researched many trading strategies and decided to open a training arm at the end of 2015. We are proud to call 250 individuals and 2 institutions as our students, as well as being in the center of a global financial city (See link!)

Our mission

We aim to support technical analysis as a critical and core tool of trading. Our mission is to train and back traders, research and identify key trading patterns and how to bring them to good use

The team

We are recruiting. If you think you are a good fit for our company please give us a shout.